Winter Quarter 2024 Interns


Marketing Intern

Year: 1stMajor: Business AdministrationEmphasis: MarketingExperience: MUSA Rep, Marketing Intern for Growth Factory, Marketing Association General Member Hobbies: Dancing, Shopping, Baking, Photography Why SEA? From the start, SEA's message of empowering individuals to make a difference in the community really resonated with me. I believe that giving back to the community is a crucial part of making sure that businesses and the people in the area thrive. SEA helps foster that initiative in the business community, and serves as a space for ideas such as CSR, and social entrepreneurship to develop in aspiring professionals 


Executive Intern

Year: 1stMajor: Business AdministrationExperience: Teach for America Fellow Intern, In The Green Intern External Affairs, Environmental Injustice Intern for the Bahay GroupHobbies: Going on walks, Cooking (love Italian food), Playing board games, Singing Why SEA? I care about giving back to my community and advocating for responsible and sustainable business practices. The Social Entrepreneurship Association at UCI is a great group of leaders with a real passion for empowering individuals and corporations in building sustainable and socially-conscious businesses. 


Community Outreach Intern

Year: 2ndMajor: Business AdministrationEmphasis: Organization and ManagementExperience: LBSA General Member, BCEC General Member, Current Team Member at Tastea Irvine Hobbies: Thrifting, Makeup, & Playing The Sims and/or Animal Crossing Why SEA? My interest in SEA stems from my appreciation for the organization’s mission to build socially conscious leaders. Beyond my interest in joining an organization that primarily focuses on building skills necessary for a career in business, I find it of the utmost importance to maintain a conscious approach to how businesses impact the communities that surround them.  


Internal Relations Intern

Year: 1stMajor: Business AdministrationEmphasis: Finance, AccountingExperience: MUSA Rep, UBA Intern, and I ran a trash can cleaning companyHobbies: Thrifting, Listening to all genres of music, Ping pong, and Video games Why SEA? SEA merges both my passion for entrepreneurship and my passion for serving others into one organization. I want to create positive impact in my career, and I believe that joining this organization will be a great step in the positive direction to do so. 


Internal Relations Intern

Year: 2ndMajor: Psychological ScienceEmphasis: Industrial/Organizational PsychologyExperience: HR Intern, Alpha Kappa Psi, ASUCIHobbies: Going on walks, Watching movies, Trying new foods, and TravelingWhy SEA? Discovering SEA has introduced me to the importance of focusing on a community-oriented environment within the workplace. I grew inspired by the passion people have within this club to give back to the community and strengthen service-based leadership. Ultimately, SEA offers a nurturing environment where I can envision my own growth, while contributing towards positive social impact.