2023-2024 Interns


Marketing Intern

Year: 3rdMajor: Business EconomicsEmphasis: MarketingExperience: ZaggSales Associate, UBA General Member, MA General Member, CC Business Club VP Hobbies: Talking with friends, Walking, Eating new foods, Playing board games Why SEA? SEA was the perfect middle ground in terms of giving back and business. I was personally inspired and moved by the message that SEA stands for to help pursue our own goals but also to help those that really need it. 


Marketing Intern

Year: 3rdMajor: Business AdministrationMinor: Global SustainabilityEmphasis: FinanceExperience: Marketing intern for Kaplan Interpreting Services, President of the UCI Climbing team, Tutor for Upward-Bound, Ambassador for the Cairn Project Hobbies: paint-by-numbers, alpine climbing, reading, ultra-running Why SEA? SEA caught my attention right away through it's commitment to creating paths for our generation of leaders to make change. I love being a student at Merage and have been searching for a community oriented organization that encourages me to use the business skills I'm learning in class in a way that has a positive impact. I am so excited to work with and learn from SEA members; it's exciting to know that everyone in this organization is here because they want to make a difference. 


Finance Intern

Year: 2ndMajor: Business EconomicsExperience: Alpha Kappa Psi, Accounting Association, FUSION, The Women's Network Campus Ambassador at UCI Hobbies: Fashion/Thrifting, Gaming, Anime Why SEA? SEA stood out to me because of its goal to promote social entrepreneurship and community-oriented values which heavily align with my love for helping others. I think many people are unfamiliar with the term "social entrepreneurship," and I hope to educate and bring awareness about it at UCI. I am excited to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and help SEA grow! 


Communications Intern

Year: 2ndMajor: Business AdministrationEmphasis: Organization and ManagementExperience: Long Beach Regional Disaster Preparedness Officer, AOOS Custom Social Media Intern, Merage Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) Rep --> Associate Hobbies: Playing the piano and guitar, bowling, reading, and re-watching comfort shows! Why SEA? I felt incredibly drawn to SEA due to its mission of building socially conscious leaders who drive positive change by tying business back to the community. The field of business could easily be seen as a self-profiting industry. The mission of SEA encourages people to turn around and remember the importance of helping others and making a positive impact in our community. I know that SEA will provide its members with volunteer opportunities and a likeminded community to grow our passion for social entrepreneurship. 


Internal Relations Intern

Year: 2ndMajor: Business AdministrationEmphasis: Finance, AccountingExperience: VP of External Affairs at In The Green at UCI, Marketing intern at BusinessWhitt, Data analytics extern at Thematic, Founder Business owner of Ssiu.room (accessories brand) Hobbies: Singing, dancing, hanging out with friends Why SEA? As someone who is passionate about being more responsible socially, corporately and globally as a business student, being a part of SEA will allow me to learn and grow so much into a field I rarely have been exposed to before. In a world where businesses and individuals and society around the globe in general are interconnected, I believe even the smallest of my actions can greatly impact a whole interchangeable ecosystem of networks.